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The tower was built to commemorate the life of one of Ireland's greatest political figures, Daniel O'Connell (1775 - 1847).

  • In 1854, work commenced on the O'Connell tower.
  • The architect was Patrick Byrne (1783 - 1864) who was also responsible for St. Audeons Church and St Pauls Church in Dublin.
  • It took hundreds of skilled tradesmen and labourers 16 months to complete.
  • The tower foundations are constructed of Limestone from Lucan, Co.Dublin.
  • Granite from Dalkey, Co. Dublin was used to construct the tower itself.

In 1971 a disaster struck when a large bomb comprising of 10lbs of gelignite, exploded at the base of the tower.

In 2016 work began with the reinstatement of the staircase that once graced the tower. Its completion was an achievement in its own right using the original plans and traditional methods employed by the carpenters and skilled tradesmen who first constructed it.

O'Connell's final words "My body to Ireland, my heart to Rome, my soul to heaven" are inscribed in the elaborately designed walls of his crypt which is located at the base of the tower.


The Tower

The height of the tower from the foundation to the apex of the cross is 180 feet or 55 metres.

The cross at the top of the tower is cut from one piece of solid granite and is over 7 feet high.

The total cost of construction came to £18,000 or the equivalent of €15 million today.

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