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Secondary Schools

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum offers exciting and engaging education programmes that link closely with the Secondary History curriculum and can be adapted to suit your students' needs. If you would like to enquire about a school visit please email booking@glasnevintrust.ie or call 01 882 6570.

⭐️ Speak to our Education Officer today to discover how Glasnevin Cemetery Museum can support the learning aims of the new Junior Cycle History Specifications. ⭐️

⭐️Looking to introduce your 5th year History Class to Research Topics for Leaving Cert History projects?  Visit Glasnevin and let us introduce your students to diverse events, topics and personalities.⭐️

For details on the above - email: education@glasnevintrust.ie or tel: 01 882 6550.

What is on offer for your students?


Guided History Tour  Secondary_School_1


Our renowned history tour gives students the opportunity to explore the diversity of Irish life since 1800, through the stories of the famous (and not so famous!) people who are buried here. See Ireland's History Carved in Stone!

Students gain a deeper understanding of events and key personalities from The Decade of Centenaries.

Revise key exam topics such as, World War One, Political Developments in Ireland, Independent Ireland and Social History, in an interesting and diverse manner.

Local History is presented by our expert guides through a unique approach.

Explore our interactive exhibits.

Tours are tailored to the needs of your class and cross curricular options are available.

Tours are available in Irish.

Learning packs are sent in advance of your visit.

All students receive a genealogy voucher to help to develop the Skills of a Historian.

All for only €7.00 per student.


Transition Year Tour Guiding Programme Secondary_School_3

Our one of a kind Transition Year Tour Guiding Programme is designed to give students an experience of the real life world of tour guiding. Students have the opportunity to develop skills in research and public speaking while building self-confidence.  

On the first visit :  Students are given a demonstration by one of Glasnevin Cemetery Museum's expert tour guides on the tourism industry, the golden rules of customer service and the skills needed to research and deliver a tour.

On the second visit: Students step into the shoes of the tour guide and present to their class at the grave of a historical figure. A certificate is presented to all who complete the Tour Guiding Programme. 

This programme can be adapted for other year groups on request.

Cost is €8, two visits inclusive.  Complimentary admission for one teacher per ten visiting students.

Secondary_School_4 Transition Year Genealogy Workshop

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum offers TY students the opportunity to delve into family history and learn the skills of a genealogist!  

Students visit Glasnevin Museum where a genealogist will guide them through an on-site workshop. Using a range of methodologies including demonstrations, group-work and field-work, students will explore the main principles of genealogy and develop their research skills and knowledge.

Teachers will receive a pack and lesson plans to aid the research process back in the classroom. Each student that completes the programme will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Onsite visit and workshop - €8 total per student.

WW1 Tour with Handling Session Secondary_School_5

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum offers a First World War Tour with a handling session for Secondary school students.

Students delve deeper into the First World War and the experience of Irish soldiers fighting at the front.

Skills of the Historian are developed as students have a unique opportunity to hold, comment on and ask questions about original artefacts from the period 1914-1918.

All students receive a genealogy voucher to help them to develop the Skills of a Historian.

This tour and handling session link very closely with Strands 1-3 of Junior Cycle History.

WWI tour and pack €7.00 per student.

WWI tour, pack and handling session €8.50 per student.

100 years on examine the experiences of soldiers in WW1 and the return of the troops.

To book please email booking@glasnevintrust.ie or call 01 882 6570.

Joint Promotions for Secondary School Tours

Glasnevin Cemetery Musuem and Aviva Stadium Avivs Tour

Explore Ireland's History Carved in Stone and Experience 147 years of Sporting Heritage

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum and Aviva Stadium have joined forces to offer a varied, interesting and unique day out for your students.

Opened in 1832, Glasnevin is Ireland's largest cemetery and students will discover the diversity of Irish life through the stories of the famous (and not so famous!) people buried here. Go backstage on our Stadium Tour where an experienced guide will show you around the iconic sporting ground that is the home of our national rugby and football teams. Offering an exclusive trip to areas usually reserved for players.

To book for both sites and to receieve a class discount - contact us today on 01 882 6570 or email booking@glasnevintrust.ie booking@glasnevintrust.ie.


Glasnevin Cemetery Museum and GPO Witness History

A fresh and exciting way to revise with exam years!

Looking to delve deeper into Ireland's history? Primary_School_4

Take your students on a trip through major events in Irish history and visit two iconic sites. The GPO Witness History Museum is a highly interactive and immersive museum and links closely to the Secondary School curriculum. Explore the events of Easter week through personal stories, eyewitness accounts and historical artefacts.

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum is the largest cemetery in Ireland and the final resting place of many of the men and women who have shaped Irish history over the last two centuries. Our tour links with many of the narratives that students will explore in GPO Witness History and a visit to the two sites is an experience that your students won't forget!

Exclusive learning pack linking both sites will be available for students.

Book for both sites and receive a class discount.

Call bookings 01 882 6570 or email booking@glasnevintrust.ie.

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum and Croke Park School Tours - Explore Ireland's History Carved in Stone and experience the School Tour that's Always a Winner Sept 2019 Croke Park Image

Bring your class on a visit to Croke Park stadium and Glasnevin Cemetery Museum - Two sites connected in remembering the past and working to educate the future.  Croke Park, the home of Gaelic games, is the ultimate school tour destination bringing together our national sports, heritage and culture in one inspiring location. Expert and experienced guides bring the stadium, it's stories and the surrounding cityscape to life, offering unique insights on Irish history and the GAA.  Glasnevin Cemetery Museum offers a journey through Ireland's past. During our engaging and educational school tours you will discover many of the men and women who shaped Irish history over the last two centuries.  Opt for a visit to Glasnevin Cemetery Museum and Croke Park - Just a mile apart and located in Dublin's historical north inner city. 

Book for both sites and receive a class discount. Call bookings 01 882 6570 or email booking@glasnevintrust.ie.


Glasnevin Cemetery Museum and EPIC - The Irish Emigration Museum EPIC Glasnevin Special Offer

Planning an educational and fun day out? Discover how the Irish influenced and shaped the world at EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum. Over the centuries over 10 million people left Ireland - at EPIC find out why they left and what they found. Travel through 20 interactive galleries and explore topics like famine, war, inventions, sport and culture.

Then bring your class to explore Ireland's History Carved in Stone! Continue on your journey from EPIC and discover the men and women who shaped Irish History over the last 200 years.  Our guide will tailor the tour to suit your needs and our interactive museum will entertain and engage. 

To book the combo tour and receive a reduced price contact EPIC on groups@epicchq.com or phone 01 906 0861.

We also run combination packages with Viking Splash and Awesome Walls - please log onto http://www.vikingsplash.com/ or https://awesomewalls.ie/


At Glasnevin Cemetery Museum students can relive the momentous events that helped shape our nation.

To book, please call 01 882 6570 or email booking@glasnevintrust.ie.



Museum Opening Times:

Closed until April, 19th.

The Tower Café - Closed until April, 19th.

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