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Glasnevin Cemetery Museum has been celebrating Bloomsday since 2010 when its visitor centre first opened to the public with the introduction of its museum and guided tours. The numbers attending the Bloomsday event have gone from strength to strength over the years and it's now a firm and much anticipated event on the venue's calendar. Episode 6 - Hades in Ulysses depicts the funeral procession of Paddy Dignam at the Hibernian necropolis - Glasnevin Cemetery. This scene will be a central focal point for a re-enactment performed by the 'Joycestagers' at Glasnevin Cemetery this Bloomsday. There will also be a Joycean tour of the cemetery which boasts a wide range of literary connections. Joyce's parents are both buried at Glasnevin.

10am - 3pm: Special Joycean Breakfast and Lunch in the Tower Café.

11.30am: Re-enactment of the funeral procession of Paddy Dignam from the 'Hades' episode of Ulysses.

12.15pm: A Joycean Tour of the heart of the Hibernian necropolis, Glasnevin Cemetery, which has many significant links to Joyce's life and writing.

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PS: Some Fun Facts about Bloomsday

  • The first Bloomsday took place in 1954 and was organised by a group of literary and cultural figures including Patrick Kavanagh, Brian O'Nolan, John Ryan and Anthony Cronin.
  • Kate Bush's song The Sensual World uses extracts from Ulysses
  • A 2009 episode of The Simpsons refers to trip to Dublin and Bloomsday

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Closed until April, 19th.

The Tower Café - Closed until April, 19th.

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