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Exhibitions at Glasnevin Cemetery Museum include:

  • *New* Ireland and the Great Flu 1918-19
  • City of the Dead
  • Interactive Timeline

Now Open: Ireland and the Great Flu 1918-1919.  This year marks the centenary of the influenza pandemic that killed millions worldwide and ten of thousands in Ireland. As the largest burial place in Ireland the outbreak of influenza had a significant impact on Glasnevin Cemetery. Office staff, gravediggers, attendants, chaplains, and other cemetery employees struggled under immense pressure as they dealt with the consequences of the outbreak. This exhibition will explore the story of the great flu from an international, national and regional perspective through the unique prism of Glasnevin Cemetery. This exhibition was created in conjunction with the School of History and Humanities at Trinity College Dublin.

'City of the Dead' is a history of the cemetery, Glasnevin Trust and even a reconstructed exhibition of how a grave robber conducted his grim business.

The Interactive Timeline allows visitors to get a glimpse of Glasnevin past and present.


Glasnevin Cemetery Museum has been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards since opening April 2010 such as 'Best International Museum' (London May 2011), Thea Award (California March 2011), Kenneth Hudson Awards (Portugal May 2012) to name but a few.

Interactive Map of Glasnevin Cemetery

Tour Glasnevin Cemetery and explore the lives of some of the fascinating people buried here. Use the Search Option on the interactive map and select a person of interest to you and we will show you where they are buried using Google StreetView as well as information about their lives.

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Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday Mondays: 10:00am - 6:00pm

*Extended hours and additional tours will run from June 29th onwards*

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