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Genealogy WorkshopDue to the meticulous record keeping of Glasnevin Trust since 1828, we can help you find your relatives, family history or discover more about the stories of the people buried in Glasnevin Trust Cemeteries.

With over 1.5 million Irish genealogy burial records, explore family history and reveal stories from your family past. We have a dedicated member of staff Lynn Brady, for our Genealogy Research, who was also closely involved in the register digitization of our records prior to launching our Online Genealogy. Lynn's in depth knowledge of our records could provide you with the last piece of the puzzle allowing you complete your own genealogy journey!

Alternatively, start your search now online instead. We recommend using either a desktop / laptop or an 10.1 sized tablet for best online experience while doing your genealogy research.

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Check out Lynn Brady's genealogy introduction:


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Daily 10:00am - 6:00pm

*Extended hours and additional tours will run from June 29th onwards*

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