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O'Donovan Rossa Funeral Exhibition

This exhibition marks the centenary of the funeral of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa. Featuring never before seen items unique to Glasnevin cemetery, this collection gives a fascinating insight into one of the most important funerals in Irish history which culminated with the historic oration given by Padraig Pearse.

Topics include

• O'Donovan Rossa - The Prison War

• O'Donovan Rossa - The Dynamite Campaign

• Rossa's Final Years

• The Funeral

• The Graveside Oration

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Pic: Ribbon worn on the day of the funeral in Glasnevin cemetery, 1915. 

O'Donovan Rossa Funeral Exhibition

At the funeral of O'Donovan Rossa the graveside oration was the most important component of the whole event. When organising the funeral Tom Clarke was never in doubt as to who would deliver it. He had previously been impressed by Padraig Pearse's oratorical skills and duly enlisted him to deliver the message at the graveside.

Witness this now famous graveside oration every afternoon at 2.30pm, a defining moment in Irish History.





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