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What are cookies?

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Cookies enable storing an identifier so the website can remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language) over a period of time, so you don't have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.

As is common practice with almost all professional websites, this website uses cookies.

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This page describes what information they gather, how we use it and why we sometimes need to store these cookies. We will also share how you can prevent these cookies from being stored however this may downgrade or 'break' certain elements of the sites functionality.

For more general information on cookies see the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.

How do we use cookies on the Glasnevin Museum website?

The Glasnevin Museum website runs on the Wandsoft content management system.

  1. Adobe ColdFusion Server, which, to run properly requires the following:
    • Function: The Wandsoft platform uses Adobe Coldfusion (self hosted) which requires session cookie. No analytics or profiling is carried out using these cookies.
    • By tracking the session the webserver only needs to send incremental information to your computer, instead of everything each time a new page is opened. Our server makes use of several cookies working together to ensure they are unique and making them more secure.
    • No opt-out is offered.
    • No marketing or analysis is performed
  2. Wandsoft cookies
    • Function: e-Commerce and Customer Relationship Management. No analytics or profiling is carried out using these cookies.
    • Names: 
      • COOKPRIVACY: Kept forever - Anonymous - Used to track acknowledgement of cookie banner.
      • wsuser_id: Kept forever - Prevention of contact duplication. No tracking is performed.
      • WS_DEL, WS_DD, WS_DT, WS_SHOP, WS_C, WEZIK, : Anonymous - 3 hours from start of shopping. The Wandsoft shopping cart set these and they are deleted after the purchase is complete
      • LG: Anonymous - Kept forever. Website language.
      • TRZ: Anonymous - Kept forever. Affiliate / referral cookie
      • WSMPHONE: Anonymous - Desktop/Mobile preference when viewing the site on a mobile device
      • No opt-out is offered.
  3. Google Analytics
    • Function: Analytics. Google analytics are used to collect anonymised data on how visitors use webpages.
    • Name(s): _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmt, _utmz
      • __utma: 2 years from set/update. Used to distinguish users and sessions. The cookie is created when the javascript library executes and no existing __utma cookies exists. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.

      • __utmt: 10 minutes. Used to throttle request rate.__utmb30 mins from set/updateUsed to determine new sessions/visits. The cookie is created when the javascript library executes and no existing __utmb cookies exists. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.

      • __utmc: End of browser session. Not used in ga.js. Set for interoperability with urchin.js. Historically, this cookie operated in conjunction with the __utmb cookie to determine whether the user was in a new session/visit.

      • __utmz: 6 months from set/update. Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user reached your site. The cookie is created when the javascript library executes and is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.

      • __utmv: 2 years from set/update. Used to store visitor-level custom variable data. This cookie is created when a developer uses the _setCustomVar method with a visitor level custom variable. This cookie was also used for the deprecated _setVar method. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.

      • For further information go to: www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/

  4. ​YouTube:
  5. Trip Advisor: 
    • Function: To provide Glasnevin Trust with recent reviews
    • Name(s):TACds, CM, TATravelInfo, TART, PMC, ServerPool, SRT, TASession, TASSK
    • For Trip Advisor's Privacy Policy, please go to tripadvisor.mediaroom.com/caen-privacy-policy

How to control and delete cookies

We are working on improving the cookie customisation on this website, in the meantime, given the range of browsers and versions we suggest you refer to your own browser's instructions to delete or disable the use of cookies.

Note: if you set your browser to disable session cookies, you may not be able to access certain parts of our site.


Museum Opening Times:

Monday to Sunday: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Dates over Christmas to note:

December 24th - Open 10:00am - 1:00pm

December 25th and 26th - Closed

January 1st, 2019 - Closed

How to book:

The best and quickest way to get your place booked in: 

Click here

When you get to the ticket page, you will see a selection of the different tickets we offer. Simply select the appropriate ticket from this selection and complete the booking process.

For booking enquiries (groups of 11 or more):

Discuss your group booking with our Bookings Coordinator:
+353 1 882 6570


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