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Glasnevin Trust is the largest provider of funeral services in Ireland serving 2,500 burials and 1,300 cremations annually. The Group also provides florist and monument works services to the bereaved.

Originally established by Daniel O'Connell in 1828

Originally established by Daniel O'Connell in 1828

The Trust is run by an executive management team and governed by the Dublin Cemeteries Committee, a voluntary not-for-profit body originally established by Daniel O'Connell in 1828. The Committee was subsequently re-established under the Dublin Cemeteries Committee Acts of 1846 and 1970.

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Glasnevin Trust Mission

The Trust's mission today remains as it was handed down from Daniel O'Connell; "to bury people of all religions and none".

The Trust operates five cemeteries: Dardistown, Glasnevin, Goldenbridge, Newlands Cross and Palmerstown as well as three crematoria at Glasnevin, Newlands Cross and Dardistown Cemetery.

The goal of Glasnevin Museum is to generate the funds to ensure the cemeteries are maintained to the highest standards.

At the heart of the nation

At the heart of the Nation

From the opening of its first cemetery in Goldenbridge in 1828 through to the most recent at Dardistown Crematorium in 2016, Glasnevin Trust has been at the heart of the nation as it embraces the remains of so many patriots and others, who have and will in the future, frame the country's history and culture.

Goldenbridge (1828), Glasnevin Cemetery (1832) & Glasnevin Crematorium (1982), Palmerstown Cemetery (1978), Newland Cross Cemetery (2000) & Newlands Cross Crematorium (2001), Glasnevin Museum (2010), Dardistown Cemetery (1990) & Dardistown Crematorium (2016).


Our Museum is operated by Glasnevin Trust, a not for profit organisation (Charity Number 5849). The funds generated from fundraising are used for a variety of projects including; maintaining our group of cemeteries to the standard expected by our visitors, renovation of old graves and headstones, restoration of old structures such as the steps in the O'Connell Tower and much more.

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Museum Opening Times:

Monday to Sunday inc Bank Holidays

Daily Public Tours:

General History Tour 

Daily at 11.30am & 2.30pm

Dead Interesting Tour

From January 2018: Saturday & Sunday at 1pm 


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