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You can now climb the O’Connell Tower – Ireland’s tallest round tower for the first time in over 45 years.  As you pass through the ornate crypt of Daniel O’Connell, you begin the journey to the top of the monument built in his honour.

After a comprehensive restoration programme, the staircase in the tower is now accessible, complete with an exhibition about the legendary figure himself and the fascinating history of the tower.

Once at the top, you will enjoy 360 degree panoramic views of the sprawling grounds of the cemetery, the city of Dublin, Wicklow and the Irish Sea.

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Your ticket also includes entry into the museum and exhibitions.

Tower Opening Times

Currently the Tower is open to visitors between 10:00 - 5:00 PM.  Entry to the tower is sold in half hour slots.  This means that if you buy a '1:00 PM' ticket, you are in fact purchasing access to the tower between 1:00 - 1:30 PM i.e. you might not get in at exactly 1:00 PM.  Please keep this in mind when you are planning your visit with us.  We are required to structure entry this way for health and safety reasons.

We advise that you arrive at the museum reception at least 15 minutes before the start of your tour. Please note, tour duration is at least 30 minutes.

The Health and Safety Stuff

As you know, we live a world that is obsessed with health and safety, with that in mind we do have to put some restrictions on who can access the tower.

  • Under 8s not permitted, 8-12 year olds must be accompanied by an adult (1 adult to 1 child). 12-16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult 1 adult to max 3 children.
  • All visitors climb the tower at their own risk and should have a reasonable level of fitness.
  • All handbags, rucksacks and baggage must be left in the lockers provided.

Please acknowledge the following to continue with your purchase:
Some people may find the climb a little bit challenging so a reasonable level of fitness is required.  There are landings where you can stop along the way.

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Please acknowledge the following to continue with your purchase:
Some people may find the climb physically demanding so requires a reasonable level of fitness, and the ability to climb independently. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU READ THE HEALTH AND SAFETY TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN FULL before you complete your booking as those not meeting age requirements won’t be allowed to climb the tower.
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